TypeIt4Me Released For OS X

Riccardo Ettore has released an OS X version of TypeIt4Me. TypeIt4Me is a typing utility designed for automatic correction and abbreviation. The app features custom user defined abbreviations and negates keyboard combinations. According to Ricardo Ettore:

After nearly a year in beta testing and 18 months of development, Riccardo Ettore is proud to announce the official launch of the native version of TypeIt4Me for OS X!

Originally published in 1989 (thatis EIGHTY-nine!), TypeIt4Me won the 1994 MacUser Shareware Award for Best Publishing Tool and has become a "classic" must-have program for anyone who does any typing on their Mac.

Similar to a well-known wordprocessoris autotext/autocorrect feature, TypeIt4Me expands abbreviations as you type. Unlike autotext/autocorrect, TypeIt4Me is available in ALL applications, not just one. And unlike other macro utilities which force you to memorize arcane ctrl-cmd-something keyboard combinations, TypeIt4Me allows you to define YOUR OWN abbreviations, so you can remember them easily and you can type them naturally, as part of your writing.

You can find more information about the TypeIt4Me OS X release at the TypeIt4Me Web site. TypeIt4Me for OS X is available for US$27.00.