TypeNoMo, ClickNoMo Reduce Repetitive Stress

Developer TCNoMo has released TypeNoMo and ClickNoMo, utilities that reduce the amount of typing and mouse clicking a user has to do in a typical day. The former organizes pre-typed text into Tabs, which are further grouped into Tab Sets, that appears in the current application when clicked. TypeNoMois window floats above other open windows and can be customized.

ClickNoMo clicks the mouse when the cursor stops moving for a predetermined amount of time. The utility can single-click, double-click, right-click and drag the cursor. The floating ClickNoMo window can also be customized.

TypeNoMo is US$59 and ClickNoMo is $29; both can be purchased together for $79. Both utilities require Mac OS X v10.3.

An example of a TypeNoMo window