U.K. Independent: Tiger Offers Plenty of 'Dog Whistles'

Charles Arthur, writing for Englandis The Independent, has posted his review of Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger," which he says contains plenty of "dog whistles" that will cause some users "to hear them and sit up and embrace Tiger." He covers the usual suspects, such as Dashboard and Spotlight, before getting into the less-heralded features among the more than 200 Apple has packed into the OS upgrade.

For example, Smart Folders enable users to create folders that dynamically update based on certain criteria; Arthur writes that he "counted more than 100 characteristics you can search on, besides just iimagei or idocument.i" Tigeris beefed-up security, which he thinks "is more of a loudhailer issue, actually" also gets covered, along with parental control features that allow parents to limit what their kids do on the computer and sends an e-mail if they attempt to violate those boundaries.

You can read more in his review.