U2 Lovers Mad? Most Excited With iPod Deal, Fan Website Editor Says

The majority of fans of the rock group U2 are happy and excited with its expected announcement of a deal with Apple Computer to launch a special-edition U2 iPod, contrary to published reports saying many are "furious" over the partnership, according to the editor of the groups largest fan Web site.

Carrie Alison, the editor of the U2 fan site Interference.com, told The Mac Observer Monday that a published report giving the impression the majority of U2 fans are mad about the reported Apple partnership is contrary to the truth.

"Pretty much everyone is darn near ecstatic about the upcoming announcement," Ms. Alison told TMO. "The iPod is so popular and it is the must-have item for U2 fans. Many of our readers canit wait to buy their first iPod. The reaction has been more skewed to people being very, very excited about it. I really havenit seen many being very critical of the news, except non-U2 fans who are more skeptical."

Ms. Alison said she specifically told The Independent reporter that while there might be some fan confusion over U2s involvement in charity work and at the same time partnering with a large corporation like Apple, "most (fans) are very positive and excited.

"The reporter, I feel, chose to skew the article to say fans were furious when thatis not what I said and thatis not the case," she said. "At no point did I ever say U2 fans were furious and screaming isell outi, because honestly thatis just not the case. They are excited and loyal."

Apple announced October 18 that a music event would be held this week, and that U2 would attend, sparking rumors that the event would see the launch of a U2 branded iPod. This iPod is expected to come preloaded with U2is new album, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, as well as a selection from the groupis previous works. As is Appleis standard policy, it has refused to comment further on Tuesdayis announcement.

Ms. Alison said she believes that even before the official announcement, the news has already energized the U2 fan base. "You can tell U2 fans are paying attention because the number of visitors to our Web site has increased dramatically since the showing of the iPod/U2 commercial on television in the U.S."

Ms. Alison said many U2 fans who already own an iPod or iPod mini- what she projects at being around 60%, at least in her fan Web site - are hoping and suggesting Apple do something to involve them in the U2 promotion.

"Many fans are hoping Apple will announce some type of promotion whereby existing iPod owners could come into an Apple retail store, bring their iPod, and upload the new album onto their iPods for a fee."