UK Letter Bills Mac OS X As Version 1.0, Not 10.0

The ongoing debate regarding the naming scheme for Mac OS X may have got a bit more interesting. Last week, we reported that Phil Schiller had said that OS X would officially be billed as Mac OS X 10.0 (Mac OS Ten Ten Point Oh). The debate has since raged on what the best moniker for the new OS would be (as if our opinion actually counts), but an interesting twist arrived in our Inbox today. Observer Adam Cooper sent us this e-mail from the UK:

Just a word from across the pond on the is it 10.0 or 1.0 issue with Mac OS X. On my OS X shipment update page at, it list my order as for "Mac OS X 1.0 Retail Int" not Mac OS X 10.0 as some people seem to be saying. Perhaps this whole issue is just a red herring to take the heat off the release?

Adam Cooper

We have no way of verifying the authenticity of this missive, or its accuracy, but we found it interesting. Thanks for writing in Adam!