UK Newspapers: iPod Is Must-Have Device, Shops Can't Get Enough

A newspaper story has hit the stands in the UK reporting the iPod is red hot amongst Brits (including the Welsh and Scots, it would seem). The Telegraph has published an article titled "10,000-song gadget is this yearis imust-havei," while The Scotsman and ic Wales have published their own versions of the piece as "Shoppers iCanit Get Enough of Ipodsi," and "Gadget demand catches shops by surprise," respectively. From The Telegraph:

It is hailed as the gadget to revolutionise the way we listen to music. David Beckham has one and now demand for the iPod is soaring.

But shops are struggling to cope with the clamour for the lightweight, digital music player which can hold 10,000 songs and is the "must-have" Christmas gift this year.

Selfridges in London sold out last week and the John Lewis chain is taking orders for delivery after Christmas.


Selfridges said: "They look good, celebrities have them and they have featured in a couple of music videos."Mike Khalfey, central buyer for electronics at John Lewis department stores, said: "We are getting shipments once or twice a week, but we are selling them almost as fast as they come in."

The gadget magazine Stuff voted the iPod its number one gadget from a list of 100 products. Gary Parkinson, deputy editor, said: "There has been phenomenal interest. I donit think we have ever experienced anything like it."

Check out the full article at The Telegraphis Web site.