UK Study Center Switches to Macs to Curb Drop-Out Rate

Extra Time Study Support Centre, located in Liverpool, England, last fall made the switch from PCs to Macs in an effort to decrease its drop-out rates. According to an Apple UK article, students who come to the center said that digital film and music interested them most, so Extra Timeis staff felt that Appleis iLife suite would be best-suited to meet those demands.

Extra Time now has 20 G5 Power Macs, 8 Mac minis and 6 iBooks, with five- and ten-week courses in digital photography, animation, and film, music, and radio production. Adobe Creative Suite and other applications supplement the iLife offerings.

"What we wanted to do was offer something unique in terms of what the children would experience," manager Abigail Williams said. "By introducing Macs, weive been able help them do something they canit do anywhere else."

Ms. Williams said that attendance levels were 72% before the switch and now exceed 90%.

Thanks to Macworld UK for the link.