UK Users Offered Chance To See MACWORLD Keynote

MacAssist is hosting a special live screening of next monthis MACWORLD Expo keynote speech. The keynote, always the highlight of the show and expected to be the coming out party of the next generation of the iMac, is a "donit miss" event for diehard Mac fans. According to MacAssist:

UK users are being given the chance to see Apple CEO Steve Jobs deliver his upcoming Macworld New York keynote speech live at a special all day Mac event next month. The event, hosted by Mac support and consultancy company MacAssist, is to be held in Birmingham on the 18th of July starting at 10am.

In his keynote it is widely anticipated that Jobs will make series of major hardware announcements, as well as reputedly unveiling the iMac 2. The speech will be broadcast live from New York on two large screens via a 2Mbps internet connection. There will also be seminars from Adobe, as well as a Mac troubleshooting presentation from MacAssist with complimentary American style refreshments provided.

The event will also give attendees an opportunity to see the entire Apple hardware collection including LCD displays, the new iBook and the PowerBook G4.

Tickets for the even are available for ?10. You can find more information at the MacAasist Web site.