UMAX Intros New Drawing Tablets, Storage Devices, MP3 Players

UMAX Technologies on Thursday introduced a pair of new drawing tablets, the ProVosta TB801 and TB401; a portable USB 2.0 hard drive, the Pollux 300; a new line of flash drives, the APUS 210; and a pair of new MP3 players, the Vega 203 and Vega 107.

Both of the ProVista drawing tablets feature a wireless pen, 512 maximum pressure levels and a software bundle. The TB801 (US$99.99) is 8 by 6 inches and offers 12 programmable buttons while the TB401 ($39.99) is 4 by 3.5 inches and includes eight programmable buttons.

The Pollux 300 comes in two versions: a 4GB model ($149.99) and a 2.2GB version ($109.99). They use USB 2.0 and are bus-powered, eliminating the need to plug them in. Their dimensions are 2.24 x 1.93 x 0.35 inches, enabling them to fit in the palm of the useris hand. The APUS 210 is a USB 2.0 flash-based thumb drive that comes in 128MB ($19.99), 256MB ($29.99), 512MB ($49.99) and 1GB ($79.99) capacities.

The Vega 203 comes with 256MB ($79.99) or 512MB ($99.99) of flash storage and offers voice recording, a stereo FM tuner with eight pre-sets, equalizer settings and a built-in SD/MMC card slot. It also includes a 128 x 64 resolution LCD. The Vega 107 is available in 128MB ($49.99), 256MB ($69.99) and 512MB ($89.99) capacities and also includes voice recording, an FM tuner with 20 pre-set slots and seven equalizer settings.