UPLOADit FileMaker Plug-In Now Shipping

Comm-Unity Networking Systems has released a new app for Mac users, UPLOADit 1.0 UPLOADit is a utility designed for uploading files via a Web browser to a FileMaker database. The app ships with example solutions and a FileMaker 7 preview version. According to Comm-Unity Networking Systems:

Comm-Unity Networking Systems announces the release of Comm-Unity Networking Systems 1.0, for FileMaker 4.x and above (including FileMaker 7) for Macintosh Platforms. This is the initial release of the plug-in.

UPLOADit is a FileMaker plug-in that allows you to upload files from your Web browser to a machine running FileMaker. This functionality is often requested by Web developers who need a way for users to submit files in addition to their other information. In the past, this has always involved complicated server side processes and additional Web services, but now you can do it all with just FileMaker and UPLOADit.

Features of UPLOADit:

  • Define multiple realms for multiple solutions
  • Take advantage of the multi-threaded operation, which allows fast multi-user uploads
  • Allows multiple file uploads from one Web form
  • Pull in information about the file plus any other value from your web form right into FileMaker
  • Change the URL for the response page dynamically
  • Block Single IP Addresses and Ranges of IP Addresses
  • Limit the size and number of the uploaded files
  • Password protect your file uploads

You can find more information about the UPLOADit release at the Comm-Unity Networking Systems Web site. UPLOADit licenses start at US$75.00 for single users.