URL Manager Pro Available For OS X

Alco Blom has released his Web bookmark management utility, URL Manager Pro, for Mac OS X. URL Manager Pro allows users to easily list, organize, and manage all of their URLis from one central location, and the new version is Carbonized to work natively in OS X. According to Mr. Blom:

Macintosh developer Alco Blom announced today a preview of URL Manager Pro on X. With only 8 days to go for the official Apple Mac OS X release, users of URL Manager Pro can now have a previewof URL Manager Pro on X.

This is a preview of URL Manager Pro on X. As such the following features are missing from this release: Shared Menus and Printing.

This preview will expire on April 24, 2001, at which time certainly a newer release will be available.

URL Manager Pro is the professional bookmark manager for Mac OS.

You can find more information at the URL Manager Pro Web site.