USA Today Features 2-Page Ad For PowerBook, iBook (With Pics)

No matter how well Apple executes its hardware, software and retail-store strategies, there persists one perennial area where the company continually draws the harshest criticism from the Mac faithful: its advertising.

Yesterday, the Cupertino, CA, company tooted its own horn -- not that thereis anything wrong with THAT -- with a two-page advertising "spread" in the Thursday, July 12, edition of USA Today featuring the PowerBook G4 and the new iBook.

Picture this:

On the left page, there is a picture of the PowerBook at the bottom, with advertising copy above it in the well-known Apple Garamond font. The headline reads "Too bad you only have one lap." Above and below the headline are quotes from PowerBook reviews in the Boston Globe, Houston Chronicle, Fortune, BusinessWeek and the San Jose Mercury News. The right page has a picture of the iBook at the top, with quotes below it from iBook reviews in the Los Angeles Times, BusinessWeek, New York Times and ZDNet AnchorDesk. At the bottom of the right page is a light-blue Apple logo and the now-familiar catch-phrase-cum-tag-line "Think Different."

You can look at the whole ad yourself, or you can view separate, closer shots of the PowerBook and the iBook.

The entire spread