USA Today Looks At Why People Switch To Mac

Four years ago analysts said that Microsoft would never be able to fix Windows because there were just too many flaws. An editorial by USA Todayis Kevin Maney explains that those predictions are coming true by examining, and looks at the current state of running Microsoft Windows. He also presents many examples of how PC problems have spurred some to switch to Macs. From the article:

Itis not like you have to be stupid or negligent to have [these security problems] happen. Jeff Hawkins -- the guy who invented the Palm computer and wrote a just-out book about the brain -- e-mailed to say that a virus killed his home PC. I got a similar note from Felix Sanchez, CEO of government services company TerraCom. "My brand-new Sony went kaput," he writes. "I hope our small office has not been further compromised."


Cultishness aside, though, people are switching because of the security issue. In Austin, computer consultant Brad Hudelson was once a high-level manager at Dell, the leading maker of Windows PCs. Hudelson says he "gave up after Sasser (virus attacks) last year and replaced all my machines with Apples and Mac OS X."

Physician Thomas Essman switched for the same reason. So did Bryan Crawford, a biology professor at the University of Alberta in Canada. "Iive been in computer heaven ever since," Crawford says.

Hereis a particularly good one: Daryl Forrest is a developer of software for Windows. "I have moved all non-work-related computing to a new Apple Power Mac G5," he writes. "I like Windows XP, but the risks are too high these days. Itis sad that it has gotten to this."

You can read Mr. Maneyis full article at USA Todayis Web site.