USA Today: "New iMac Even More Exquisite Than Last One"

USA Todayis Edward C. Baig has penned a review of Appleis new iMac where he not only says the iMac G5 is "even more exquisite than [the] last one" in the title, he takes a few moments to pitch Windows users the idea of Switching. Like other reviewers pouring forth their love of the iMac, Mr. Baig praises the screen, speakers, ergonomics, number of ports, its price, and the features of the new computer. Even more importantly, he aims this information at people who are tired of running Windows. From the article:

I suspect lots of Windows users are curious about Macs nowadays -- and security is a chief cause. The Windows crowd must feel like residents of Florida -- one hurricane after another. The machines appear to be under constant attack from virus writers and purveyors of spyware.

By contrast, Macs have been largely immune. Just as Willie Sutton was famously quoted as wanting to rob banks because thatis where the money is, the imbeciles who hurl viruses at PCs do so because thatis where the most damage can be inflicted.

But you need not fret about security to lust after a Mac, especially one as striking as the brand-new iMac G5 Iive been testing. It lives up to its billing as the whisper-quiet "worldis thinnest desktop computer."

His one criticism of the unit is the lack of a built-in media reader, which he thinks should be a natural choice for a computer designated by Apple as a digital hub. You can find the full review at Forbesi Web site.