USA Today: Thoughts on Switching to a Mac

Many consumers are pondering the switch to Mac this holiday season. For those who are, Edward Baig has provided a most cogent synopsis of what makes the Macintosh so appealing at USA Today on Wednesday.

In what may be one of the best written and balanced essays ever on why potential Switchers should consider Mac, Mr. Baig covers all the bases. He started with why users love their Macs: "Itis like explaining the difference between a Buick and a BMW. Both get you from here to there, only the ride is generally smoother and more fun. Put another way, Windows users tolerate their computers to get stuff done. The Mac crowd enjoys its machines, whether managing music in iTunes or pictures in iPhoto."

Then Mr. Baig turned to the look and feel of Macs. People enjoy their design, and they enjoy touching them. The industrial design sets the Mac apart from the crowd.

While Macs arenit immune from occasional malware and will, on occasion lock up, Mr. Baig didnit fall for the trap that since the Mac, being a machine, does have occasional minor problems, that means all computers are the same.

For those who just have to have some business software, Mr, Baig pointed out the availability of MS Office for the Mac. And when Windows itself is needed, Boot Camp and Virtualization were nicely explained.

The myth that Macs are more expensive was busted, while the fact that Macs arenit the supreme game machines that PCs have come to be was pointed out.

After covering all the bases in sober, sensible style, Mr. Baig wrapped up a balanced assessment, "Apple owners heap lavish praise on Macs for good reason. These are solid and elegant computers that are well worth your consideration."