USB Overdrive Updated to Beta 2

USB Overdrive beta has been released, bringing it to version 2. USB Overdrive is a USB device driver designed to add more functionality to devices including mouse and trackballs. The latest version ships with performance enhancements including improved speed settings and bug fixes. According to Alessandro Levi Montalcini:

The second Mac OS X public beta of my USB Overdrive mouse and joystick driver is now available. This beta is for Mac OS X 10.1 and later and only supports mouse and trackball devices.

The final version of the USB Overdrive X will soon be distributed as shareware through Kagi. Users of the Mac OS 9 version who registered after the release of Mac OS X are entitled to a free upgrade using the same code they already received.


  • Added separate Speed and Acceleration settings for greater control over the mouse speed
  • Restored the functionality of the Enabled check box
  • Added Middle Click, Fourth Click and Fifth Click to the list of actions that can be performed
  • Restored the ability to press modifier keys alone
  • Fixed a problem where the USBOverdriveHelper was not added to the Login Items
  • Fixed a problem with the Microsoft Wireless Explorer

You can find more information about the beta release of USB Overdrive at the Alessandro Levi Montalcini Web site. USB Overdrive is available for US$20.00.