USB Overdrive X Beta Ready For Testing

One of the most useful shareware apps for the Mac, USB Overdrive, is now available for OS X. Alessandro Levi Montalciniis USB Overdrive has been a must-have app for anyone using USB gamepads, joysticks, or other devices with USB enabled Macs, and now it is available in a public beta for OS X. This from

Some of you are wondering why Mac OS X drivers are coming out so slowly, so hereis some backgroung information about whatis been going on since March. Mac OS X is a truly great platform, and its driver architecture is very well designed. It was hard for me to work on the public beta and on version 10.0 because none of my machines was fast enough and because a lot of OS stuff was still missing or incomplete. This caused some delay in my work, but then came 10.1 and all my problems were solved.

For more information about the beta version of USBOverdrive, or to download, stop by Versiontracker, or

Note: USB Overdrive X beta, version 10.0.0b1 will only work with mouse devices and is not fully featured as yet. From

This version is for mouse devices only and lacks many important features, but itis ready for you to test and will get even better very soon.