Uhhhh... Get Mad At Kyle, Take 2

For those who tuned in to MacOSRadio.net last night to hear our own Kyle DiAddario rant and rave about the Mac industry, you can get another chance to do so tonight. For those who missed out, well you too have another chance. Last nightis broadcast was wiped out by server problems, so the showis creators decided to do it again tonight so that they can have an archive. According to MacOSRadio.net:

Last night, following the fourth broadcast of the MacOS Radio Network, a freak crash occurred while transferring the data from the show to our server. Both the original and the copy of the broadcast weire irretrievably lost. "I was devastated," said host (and owner) Duane Burghard, "it was easily our best broadcast to date. In terms of technical proficiency and solid content, we finally hit our stride last night and were firing on all cylinders ... and then the product of all of our work was just gone."

When disasters like this strike any business, despite the desire to commit hari kari, smash your head against a brick wall or find a cliff to leap off of, the show must go on (and a show MUST be posted on our Web site). So the MacOS Radio Network is going to turn our extremity into our listeners opportunity. To accomplish this goal, a "re-creation" of last nightis show will be broadcast LIVE this evening, August 1, 2000 at 7:00 pm EDST.

The broadcast will include our very special guest, Kyle DiAddario, news editor from The Mac Observer (www.macobserver.com) as well as all the news, information, discussion and feedback from last nightis "lost show" (whether or not jokes will be recycled is undetermined at this time). Again, trying to approach the previous nightis events like a glass half full, Josh Hendren said, "Iim looking forward to it, especially because itis so fresh in my mind. I frequently think, after the broadcast is over, igee, I wish Iid saidi this or that ... this little disaster gives me a chance to kind of say, iOK, take 2i."

"For those who missed the broadcast, this will be a second chance to hear it while still retaining the excitement and unpredictability of a live show," said Burghard. The re-creation also provides the MacOS Radio Network with the opportunity to test the waters on Tuesday night. "We wanted to wait until we were more established before experimenting with other nights of the week, but sometimes events dictate a course of action before we plan for it."

The broadcast will be available on the "Current Broadcast" page of the MacOS Radio Networkis Web site. The broadcast will begin at approximately 6:55 p.m. EDST.

You can tune into tonightis broadcast at MacOSRadio.net.