Ultralingua Releases Version 5.0 Of Its Translation Software

Ultralingua has updated its translation dictionary software to version 5.0. Ultralingua 5.0 can translate between English, French, German, Spanish, and other languages. From Ultralingua:

Ultralingua announced today the release of Ultralingua 5.0 for Mac OS X, a significant advancement for their line of powerful bilingual and monolingual dictionaries.

With the advent of version 5.0, Ultralingua Translation Dictionary software users will now have the benefit of vastly enhanced databases, stemming (recognition of conjugated and other inflected forms) for most languages, a special mini-mode (to take up less room on the desktop), seamless interaction with other applications, and much more.

"With version 5.0 of our translation dictionaries, we are providing our customers with significantly increased functionality in Ultralingua Translation Dictionary software products, while maintaining our easy to use interface. The increased interoperability, improved databases, and stemming in this version are outstanding," said Chad Johnson, Ultralingua General Manager. "We are especially excited about the ability for users to use Ultralingua from within virtually any other application: a simple click on a hotkey will pop-up a window next to the cursor, providing translations or definitions of the word under the cursor arrow. This allows for incredible speed when, for example, readers peruse foreign news articles -- or contracts in another language."

Ultralingua 5.0 is available now for US$29.95, or US$19.95 for users of previous versions of the software.