Unclosing Web Pages in Safari

Safariis tabbed browsing rocks because it lets me keep lots of Web pages open without taking up any extra screen space. It really sucks, though, when I accidentally close the wrong tab, or type Command-Q when I really meant Command-W. Thanks to Forget Me Not, I donit have to worry about losing my open Web pages - It remembers what I was viewing and restores it for me.

You can reopen closed Safari windows...

Forget Me Not is a simple plug-in for Safari that adds an Unclose Window and an Unclose Tab feature, as well as the ability to automatically reopen all of your open Web pages the next time Safari launches. It requires SIMBL (Smart InputManager Bundle Loader) to do its magic, which is included with the installer just in case you havenit already installed it.

...or tabs with Forget Me Not.

Forget Me Not is free, and you can download it at Jim Fowleris Web site.

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