Undercover 2 Adds New Mac Recovery Features

Orbicule announced the release of Undercover 2 on Tuesday. The new version is now Leopard compatible, adds a two-month timeout, lock feature and more.

Changes to Undercover 2 include:

  • Undercover is now fully compatible with Tiger and Leopard.
  • A dead-Mac-timeout feature: if a Mac is not connected to the net for more than two months, it will automatically be locked. That way, we can recover at least some of the idead Macsi that are stolen but never connected to the Internet.
  • Undercover now only connects to the Internet when a network change occurs, reducing network traffic while making the recovering system even more aggressive.
  • Memory footprint and CPU usage have been dramatically reduced. In most cases, memory footprint is down 75%.
  • In addition, Undercover 2 sports dozens of under-the-hood improvements and fixes.

Undercover 2 is a recovery tool for stolen Macs. It transmits the network information for the stolen computer, allows the owner to see whatis happening on the Mac, and uses the built-in iSight camera if available to photograph the new surroundings of the stolen Mac.

Undercover 2 is a Universal Application and is priced at US$49.00. A student version is priced at US$39.00. The upgrade is free to version 1.x owners.