UniSudoku 1.7 Enhances User Interface

David Ross released UniSudoku 1.7 on Tuesday. The new version adds new user interface enhancements that improve the play of the game, such as the statistics sidebar.

Improvements in version 1.7 include the following items. The new statistics sidebar lets the player compare the current time with the best and average times for the current level of difficulty. There are checkboxes for each number the player has completed in the puzzle. The player can click the checkbox to quickly highlight all instances of that number in the puzzle. The player can track the number of given, completed, and remaining squares in the puzzles. And finally there is improved consistency with the puzzle difficulty levels.

UniSudoku 1.7

The developer faced many challenges in bringing the pencil and paper game to the computer. Among those was to keep the flow and simplicity of the pencil and paper version while adding benefits of computer play including ease of Undo/Redo, highlighting of digits, timing the game, and when desired providing help with the game such as marking incorrect answers. Mr. Ross said that UniSudoku has benefited from his balanced computer implementation of the game.

UniSudoku 1.7 requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later. The free trial period expires after ten games. It is priced at US$15.00.