United Airlines Bringing AirPort To The Air Port

CNet is reporting that United Airlines is making plans to bring wireless internet access to popular lounge and waiting areas inside air ports. Based on the 802.11 standard, the same Apple uses in their AirPort technology, United passengers with properly equipped computers can expect to have wireless Internet acces throughout the air port, including lounges, gates, and boarding areas.

According to the CNet article:

Unitedis plan will eliminate the need for passengers who own wireless-enabled laptops and handheld computers to use modem-equipped pay phones or lounge telephones. The installation will allow them to use a wireless connection to read email, surf the Web or even check online to see whether their flight has been canceled.

Passengers wanting to use the service will be able to pay a subscription fee, and will have the option of paying for a one-time use or a monthly fee.

The CNet article claims that United is working with wireless company Aerzone. The later company is currently working on a similiar project with Delta.

You can find more information and read the full article at the CNet web site.