Unity 1.1 Enables Game Publishing on Windows

OverTheEdge Entertainment (OTEE) on Tuesday released Unity 1.1, an update to its game development environment that enables deployment on the Windows platform. Until now, the Mac-based system could only publish to Mac OS X.

Other additions to Unity include new render-to-texture effects, virtual displacement mapping, a 30-page scripting tutorial and a new C/C++ plug-in SDK (software development kit) for interfacing with hardware or software that Unity doesnit already support. Other improvements and bug fixes have also been made.

This is a free update for existing users. Unity 1.0 was released during Appleis Worldwide Developers Conference in June. It was used to create the Ambrosia Software-published game GooBall and can be used to develop standalone titles Dashboard Widgets and games playable in a Web browser.

Unity is available in two versions, Indie (US$249) and Pro ($999). The latter adds such features as the ability to publish to Windows, render-to-texture effects, secured deployment and direct access to OpenGL.

Unity in action