Unity 1.1 Enables Game Publishing on Windows

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OverTheEdge Entertainment (OTEE) on Tuesday released Unity 1.1, an update to its game development environment that enables deployment on the Windows platform. Until now, the Mac-based system could only publish to Mac OS X.

Other additions to Unity include new render-to-texture effects, virtual displacement mapping, a 30-page scripting tutorial and a new C/C++ plug-in SDK (software development kit) for interfacing with hardware or software that Unity doesnit already support. Other improvements and bug fixes have also been made.

This is a free update for existing users. Unity 1.0 was released during Appleis Worldwide Developers Conference in June. It was used to create the Ambrosia Software-published game GooBall and can be used to develop standalone titles Dashboard Widgets and games playable in a Web browser.

Unity is available in two versions, Indie (US$249) and Pro ($999). The latter adds such features as the ability to publish to Windows, render-to-texture effects, secured deployment and direct access to OpenGL.

Unity in action

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