University Uses iMovie As An Educational Tool

Observer David Roemer wanted to let us in on a unique project at Emory University in Atlanta. Called iMovieFest, the event consisted of nearly 1300 freshmen making desktop movies, using iMovie of course, with other members of their residence hall floor. According to Mr. Roemer:

During the week long event, we offered iMovie training and supplied students with David Pogueis "iMovie 2: A Missing Manual." The students easily learned how to use iMovie to powerfully communicate. They had fun as they worked as a team to make a movie. The creativity demonstrated in just a five-day span was amazing. Now, 20 iMac DV SEs with iMovie are available for students to make movies for classes, student groups, and more!

Apple has a feature story about it on its Hot News page.

You can find more information at the Emory University Web site.