Unlock Multiple Files With An Update For Golden Key

Trifinity Software has released an update for Golden Key, bringing it to version 1.0.1. Golden Key is a file locking utility designed for multiple file access with Drag-and-Drop support. The maintenance update fixes a minor bug issue. According to Trifinity Software:

Trinfinity Software released today an update to itis popular freeware product Golden Key (formerly Skeleton Key), which locks or unlocks multiple files at once with Drag-N-Drop simplicity.

This update fixes a bug that caused only the first file of a group of files dropped on Golden Key to be operated on (locked or unlocked). This bug was not present when dropping folders onto Golden Key, only a group of files.

You can find more information about the Golden Key update at the Trifinity Software Web site. Golden Key 1.0.1 is available freeware.

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