Unrest Over MacBook Shutdowns Grows

MacBook owners have grown increasingly upset with random shutdown problems affecting their computers and are now considering a class action lawsuit, despite Appleis attempts to address the issue. According to AppleInsider, users at a Web site called MacBookRandomShutDown.com have chronicled their problems and have now begun to organize a class action lawsuit through ClassAction.com.

The page at ClassAction.com asks MacBook owners if theyive experienced the problem, and if theyive experienced unusually long periods of downtime while waiting for their computers to be repaired. AppleInsider said that some affected users have been told that a new logic board is in development for the laptop, although the release date is uncertain.

Many users have had their logic boards replaced, as the problem seems to involve the processoris heat sink expanding during use and coming into contact with a sensor cable from the thermometer. That creates a short circuit that shuts the computer down. The problem goes away when the laptop cools down, but it comes back once heavy usage resumes. OiGradyis PowerPage has more details on the problem.