UpdateAgent Updated To Version 10.0.4

Insider Software has released an update to UpdateAgent to version 10.0.4. UpdateAgent is a subscription service that uses a client-side application to scan your hard drive and keep all of your software (system and applications) up to date. The new version includes performance improvements. According to Insider Software:

Insider UpdateAgent 10.0.4 was released today and adds performance, scheduling and power management to its five-mouse-rated functionality. UpdateAgent brings all Macintosh applications up-to-date—including traditional Mac Classic applications, Classic apps carbonized for Mac OS X, and Cocoa applications written specifically for Mac OS X systems.

Insider UpdateAgent brings every application program on a Macintosh system current with the latest updates released by over 2,000 software vendors. After determining precisely which updaters are required to bring a system up-to-date, UpdateAgent downloads the updaters over the Internet or copies them from CDs. The program can run automatically at regular intervals, maintains the confidentiality of usersi hard drive contents, and provides hot web links to vendorsi web sites.

The new version of UpdateAgent scans a Macintosh hard disk for outdated applications 30% faster under both Mac OS9 and OS X. It accomplishes this with more efficient scanning code as well as smarter treatment of system files and directories.

Users running Mac OS 9 and OS X can now use UpdateAgentis scheduling function to update their systems when they are unused and when network traffic is minimal. Users simply specify a day and time and UpdateAgent automatically launches regular sessions that check for new software updates.

The new UpdateAgent also enables users to sleep or shut down their Macs after their updating sessions are finished. Customers can use these power management features in conjunction with UpdateAgentis scheduling system.

You can find more information on UpdateAgent at Insider Softwareis Web site. The update is free to registered users, while subscribing to the full service is priced at US$49.95.