Update Agent Comes To OS X

Insider Software has released UpdateAgent X, an OS X version of their popular version tracking software. UpdateAgent X users can always know when applications are updated, be they Classic, Carbon, or Cocoa, and automatically receive the updates. Think of it as Appleis Software Update, but for every application on your system. According to Insider Software:

Insider Software today announced the release of UpdateAgent X, a new version of the five-mouse rated Macintosh software updating service for the Mac OS X operating system. With UpdateAgent X, users can automatically download the latest carbonized versions of their favorite software.

SUPPORT FOR CLASSIC, CARBON AND COCOA APPLICATIONS The Mac OS X operating system provides protected-memory and pre-emptive multitasking. When an application that takes advantage of these capabilities crashes, it does not crash the rest of the system, which was common in earlier versions of Mac OS.

Applications written without protected-mode support are called "Classic" apps, while those including it are "Carbon" applications. Applications written exclusively for Mac OS X systems are termed "Cocoa" applications. The initial release of UpdateAgent X updates Classic and Carbon applications. Insider will add support for Cocoa apps and existing users of UpdateAgent X will receive the new functionality for free.

User can purchase UpdateAgent X, along with one year of update downloads, for US$49.95. You can find more information at the Insider Software Web site.