Update For Asiva Photo

Shapiro Consulting Group, Inc. has released an update for Asiva Photo, bringing it to version 1.2.0. Asiva Photo is a color correction app designed for use by graphic design professionals for digitally enhancing images. The update features expanded region functions. According to Shapiro Consulting Group:

Shapiro Consulting Group, Inc., (SCGI), of Austin, Texas is announcing the release of Version 1.2.0 of its popular 16 bit Asiva® Photo color correction and image enhancement application.

Among other enhancements, version 1.2.0 will allow the user to view, move and edit all regions associated with any correction or enhancement operation.

Unlike other color correction applications, Asiva® Photo also works with proxies of the original image files so user can make all their creative decisions on extremely large image files without being burdened by slow on-screen rendering time. All operations and sequences of operations that are defined by the user can be saved, edited or used for other images of a similar type.   

You can find more information about the Asiva Photo update at the Shapiro Consulting Group, Inc. Web site. Asiva Photo 1.2.0. is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$378.00.