Update For ConceptDraw Released

Computer Systems Odessa Corp. has released an update for ConceptDraw MINDMAP Standard and Professional, bringing them to version 1.05. ConceptDraw MINDMAP is a diagraming database designed for simple idea relation using image libraries and maps. The update includes improved outline support and Brainstorming mode. According to Computer Systems Odessa:

Computer Systems Odessa Corp., announces today that ConceptDraw MINDMAP v. 1.0.5 (Standard and Professional editions) is now available. Update to ConceptDraw MINDMAP v.1.0.5 - a cross-platform application for organizing, structuring and presenting ideas, - is offered for ConceptDraw MINDMAP users.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP v.1.0.5 (Standard and Professional) features a lot of changes and improvements. Among the enhancements contained within this update is improved Outline support and Brainstorming mode. Now it is not necessary for the subtopics to be preceded by the same number of spaces. The program can read outlines with any number of spaces at the beginning of lines. Problems with printing documents and a number of minor bugs are fixed.

You can find more information about the ConceptDraw MINDMAP Professional and Standard updates at the Computer Systems Odessa Corp. Web site. ConceptDraw Professional 1.05 is available for US$149.00.