Update For Drag Thing Released

TLA Systems has released an update for DragThing, bringing it to version 4.2.1. DragThing is a dock utility designed for dock extension management. The maintenence update fixes speed issues when swithing to OS X. According to TLA Systems:

TLA Systems is pleased to announce the immediate availability of DragThing 4.2.1, the twenty-first release of their popular dock application for Mac OS X and earlier.

This is a maintenance release of DragThing to fix the slowdown and long pauses occasionally seen when switching applications with CarbonLib 1.5 installed. The fix doesnit affect Mac OS X directly, but you may see a little improvement there too.

You can find more information about the DragThing update at the TLS Systems Web site. DragThing 4.2.1 is available for US$25.00.