Update For Drag Thing Released

TLA Systems has released an update for DragThing, bringing it to version 4.5. DragThing is a dock utility designed for dock extension management. The update features several performance enhancements including improved Jaguar support. According to TLA Systems:

TLA Systems is pleased to announce the immediate availability of DragThing 4.5, the twenty-fourth release of their popular dock application for Mac OS.

This is a major release, with many new features including:

  • You can now turn docks into sliding drawers that work like pop-up windows from Mac OS 9
  • Improved support for Mac OS X "Jaguar" (including 10.2.1)
  • More cool translucency effects
  • Added an option to highlight Classic applications in docks
  • Added support for Mac OS X applications with "????" creator codes
  • Added a "Revert" command for the preferences file in case of accidents
  • Folder contextual menus can go more than five levels deep on Jaguar
  • Added new hot keys to control individual docks
  • Added support for custom sounds on Mac OS X
  • Added an option to sort the Disk Dock into the same order as the Desktop
  • Improved performance

You can find more information about the DragThing update at the TLA Systems Web site. DragThing 4.5 is free for current users, while the full version is available for US$25.00.