Update For Educational Quiz App

Fast Rabbit Software has released an update for School Time Quizzer, bringing it to version 1.2. School Time Quizzer is an educational app designed for creating tests for students in the classroom. The update has a new printing feature. According to Fast Rabbit Software:

School Time Quizzer allows teachers to make and students to take quizzes on the computer. Scores can be printed at the end of a computer based quiz, recorded directly into a GradeBook1 grade book file at the end of a computer based quiz, or quizzes can be printed and taken on paper.

New in this version: Teachers may now print quizzes directly from the quiz maker so that students can take quizzes "the old fashioned way."

You can find more information about the School Time Quizzer update at the Fast Rabbit Software Web site. School Time Quizzer is available shareware for US$19.95.