Update For MegSeg Beta DJ App

Fidelity Media has released a beta update for MegSeg, bringing it to version 2.1.b6. MegSeg is an MP3 sound mixer designed for DJis needing portability. The update includes several improvements and bug fixes. According to Fidelity Media:

Hi, we just released MegaSeg DJ 2.1 Beta 6, which resolves some issues with multiple output support under OS X. As well as adds a Remove Folders command, an import option to turn off mapping Genre tags to Categories, improves file tracking to work with external drives, fixes minor library search and sorting bugs, removed some test code that slowed down cueing, and many other refinements.

You can find more information about the beta MegSeg update at the MegSeg Web site. MegSeg 2.1. b6 is available for US$149.00.