Update For MegaSeg Beta DJ App

Fidelity Media has released a beta update for MegaSeg, bringing it to version 2.1.b14. MegaSeg is an MP3 sound mixer designed for DJis needing portability. The update includes several improvements and numerous bug fixes. According to Fidelity Media:

Fidelity Media released Beta 14 of their DJ music mixing software, MegaSeg 2.1.

Improvements include a new Option-Space keyboard shortcut for direct cut segues, fixed a bug that prevented the Stop Playlist button from working while in Discrete Output Mode, fixed a bug that would not accept files by drag-n-drop after using the Refresh Library import option, improved speed of displaying categories with large libraries, a fix to keep the system drive spinning while playing music from external drives to preventing possible audio drop outs, and a fix to disable keyboard auto-repeat when using the Start-Stop Playlist and Segue keyboard shortcuts, among other improvements.

MegaSeg 2.1 runs native on OS X and OS 9 with CarbonLib 1.4 or better.

You can find more information about the beta MegaSeg update at the MegaSeg Web site. MegaSeg 2.1. b14 is available for US$149.00.