Updated Security Patch Disabling Classic For Titanium PowerBooks

Observer Chris Logan writes in with a peculiar problem with Titanium PowerBooks and Appleis latest security update for Mac OS X. The update was released via the Software Update Control Panel in October, but Chris tells us that it has been updated for Titanium PowerBook owners. The only problem is that this update apparently disables Classic. From Chris:

Thought Iid pass this along, for what itis worth. Remember the security updates issued a couple of weeks ago, for both OS X and IE 5.1? Well, since then, Apple has modified the updates for anyone who hasnit yet downloaded it (original build was 5L14). It seems that anyone who now downloads and installs it using a TiBook will have to say bye-bye to Classic, as it will no longer launch. According to those posting on the Apple support forums, people are getting *new* TiBooks, with Classic not launching, right out of the box. The build number after installing the new version (but before installing todayis installer update) is 5L17. Why do I take the trouble to mention this? Well, Iim one of the sorry saps who waited too long and got the "improved" security update!! For the first time in months, Iim working on my TiBook in Mac OS 9.

Appleis support boards indeed have other TiBook owners reporting the same problem. Ben Nau posted:

I have a brand new 667 with little done to it. When I try to launch a Classic app the startup bar opens, but when I expand the window the screen never leaves grey. No happy Mac, nothing. It just sits there forever thinking. Any ideas why?

Eric Curtis1 added:

I have a new 550 PB that I received yesterday and I have the exact same problem. I have also verified that it will boot into OS 9 and that the HD is formatted HFS+.

Jeremy Philippe found what may be a work around:

Yeah, I just reinstalled OS X and did NOT install the security updates, and Classic works fine now :)

Thanks to Observer Chris Logan for his note. If you have anything to add, please post it in the comments.