Upgrade Prices Slashed Again

Newer Technology announced special pricing on its G3 and G4 CPU upgrade cards. These price specials are offered for a one week period during Seybold and are only available through the The Newer Store. According to Newer Technology:

The special pricing covers a number of different cards from 350MHz to 500MHz. Including cards utilizing Newer’s award winning MAXpowr hardware ROM compatibility circuitry. These are the only cards on the market that are truly 100% compatible with Apple’s 7300-9600 series of Power Macintosh computers.

"The Seybold show is an exciting congregation of some of the most impressive power-users in the market. However, at Newer we realize that tremendous amounts of work are done each day by the unsung heroes who labor away on their less than state-of-the-art computers. These are the folks for whom Labor Day was meant to recognize,” stated John Nelson, iPresident.

Beige and Blue & White Power Macs

Part numberProduct nameSpecialNormal
7MXG+500/250MAXpowr G3-ZIF 500MHz$399$499
7MXMG400/200MAXpowr G4-ZIF 400MHz$429$549
7MXMG450/225MAXpowr G4-ZIF 450MHz$599$679

Power Mac 7300 to 9600 series & many clones

Part numberProduct nameSpecialNormal
7MXAP350/175MAXpowr G4 350MHz$349$449
7MXAP400/200MAXpowr G4 400MHz$449$529

Power Mac and Performa 6100 series

Part numberProduct nameSpecialNormal
7MXPD+6100MAXpowr G3 6100 330MHz$329$349


Part numberProduct nameSpecialNormal
7USBD000uDrive, USB Floppy Drive$59$349
7USBH100uHub, USB 7 Port Powered Hub$59$89
7FW2GOPCFireWire Card for PC notebooks$89$119
7FW2GOFireWire Card for PowerBook G3$89$119
7BEPBG3BBookEndz Dock for 1999 PB G3$199$229

All the prices are in US dollars and you can find more information at the Newer Technology web site.