Upgrade Your Lombard/Wall Street To A G4, Save US$50 On OS X

PowerLogix has announced a rebate deal on OS X for purchasers of its BlueChip G4 upgrade for Wall Street and Lombard model PowerBook G3 models. The company is offering a US$50 rebate on OS X with the purchase of either the BlueChip WS G4 500/200/1MB or BlueChip G4 LS 500/200/1MB upgrade cards, which will upgrade either of the G3 PowerBooks to 500 MHz G4s. From PowerLogix:

PowerLogix and online reseller OtherWorld Computing today announced a bundle of the BlueChip G4 upgrades for Wall Street and Lombard models with Mac OS X.

Whenever a customer purchases the BlueChip WS G4 500/200/1MB or BlueChip G4 LS 500/200/1MB and OS X, they will receive an instant rebate of $50 on the bundle.

The BlueChip WS G4 and BlueChip G4 LS are the only G4 upgrades available for the PowerBook G3 (Wall Street and Lombard models). These dynamic products have been popular among those who want to edit video in their PowerBook but have found the processor demands of this software overwhelming their stock processor. Once the BlueChip is installed, it puts higher-end, more desktop-level tasks within reach. Other computing challenges that are met by the BlueChip G4 upgrade include digital audio development and editing, QuickTime editing and graphics editing.

You have to order the deal through OtherWorld Computingis Web site. The order page has information on both cards as well, which are priced at US$479.97.