Upgrades Made Easier: Sonnet Announces Price Cuts

Sonnet Technologies has announced a series of price cuts across their line of Macintosh G3 and G4 upgrade cards. The new prices reflect savings of up to US$150 on some products. Furthermore, Sonnet upgrade cards are compatible with Mac OS X. According to Sonnet:

Sonnet Technologies, the worldwide market share leader in processor upgrade cards for Apple Macintosh computers, introduces a new speed to its line of Crescendo PCI upgrades while lowering prices by as much as $150 on many of its G3 and G4 processor upgrades. This new mix of prices and speeds extends Sonnetis market leadership by setting the best price/performance standard in the industry for G3 and G4 processor upgrades. "As we are preparing to introduce our OS X installer for these platforms, Sonnet feels that it is important to offer the best values possible," explains Robert Farnsworth, president and CEO of Sonnet. "These new prices, combined with our new 450MHz G3, provide a solution for virtually every need." Sonnetis OS X installation solution is scheduled for release in early June.

Sonnetis new speed for Crescendo/PCI upgrades is:

Crescendo/PCI G3 450/1M - $299.95

Sonnetis new lower prices in Crescendo/PCI upgrades are as follows:

  • Crescendo/PCI G3-500-1M - $349.95 (was $399.95)
  • Crescendo/PCI G4-400-1M - $349.95 (was $399.95)
  • Crescendo/PCI G4-450-1M - $449.95 (was $499.95)
The Crescendo/PCI G3 line of products runs in all of the following Macintosh models:
  • Power Mac 7300/7500/7600/8500/8600/9500/9600
  • Workgroup Server 7350, 8550, 9650
  • Daystar Genesis
  • PowerCenter, PowerCenter Pro, PowerCurve, PowerTower, PowerTower Pro, PowerWave
  • UMAX J700/S900

Sonnetis new lower prices in Crescendo/NuBus upgrades are as follows:

  • Crescendo/Nubus G3-500-1M $399.95 (was $449.95)
  • Crescendo/Nubus G4-360-1M $349.95 (was $499.95)

Sonnetis full line for Crescendo/NuBus G3 and G4 cards are compatible with the following Macintosh models:

  • Power Mac 6100, 7100, 8100
  • Performa 611X
  • WGS 6150, 8150, 9150
  • Power Computing 100, 120
  • Radius System 100, 81/110

Sonnetis new lower price in the Crescendo PowerBook 1400 upgrades is:

  • Crescendo/PB G3-333-1M - $329.95 (was $349.95)

Sonnetis Crescendo/PB upgrade cards are compatible with the following Macintosh models:

  • PowerBook 1400, 1400c/117, 1400cs/117, 1400c/133, 1400cs/133, 1400c/166

Sonnetis new lower prices in Encore upgrades are as follows:

  • Encore G3-500-1M $349.95 (was $399.95)
  • Encore G4-400-1M $299.95 (was $349.95)

Sonnetis full line of Encore G3 and G4 cards are compatible with the following Macintosh models:

  • G3 All-in-one
  • G3 Blue & White
  • G3 Desktop
  • G3 Mini Tower
  • G3 Server
  • G4 Graphite

Sonnet also dropped its price on the Tango FireWire/USB to $129.95 (was $139.95)

OS X Compatibility
In early June, 2001, Sonnet Crescendo/PCI G3 and G4 owners will be able to download an installer to run MAC OS X on any of the models mentioned above. Mac OS Xis compatibility in these machines will match that in Power Macintosh G3 computers. This breakthrough solution will soon be accessible from the Sonnet web site for a download fee of $29.95. For Sonnetis complete Mac OS X Statement, please refer to the Sonnet web page at http://www.sonnettech.com/news/macosx_update.html.

You can find more information about their full line of products at the Sonnet Technologies Web site.