Upgrading Your Mac Just Got Cheaper, Again

We got a note from PowerLogix saying the company has lowered prices on several of their upgrade cards. Prices have dropped as much as US$100. From PowerLogix:

The PowerLogix BlueChip G3 500/250/1MB has dropped $100 from $599 to $499. BlueChip upgrades are compatible with the Apple PowerBook G3 series (known as wallstreet). This upgrade has been popular among those who want to edit video in their PowerBook but have found the processor demands of this software overwhelming their stock processor. Once the BlueChip is installed it puts higher-end more desktop-level tasks within reach. Other computing challenges that are met by the BlueChip G3 upgrade include digital audio development and editing, QuickTime editing and graphics editing.

The PowerLogix PowerForce G4 450/225/1MB (for Power Macs 7300-9600 and compatible clones) has dropped $80 from $449 to $369. The PowerForce G3 ZIF 500/250/1MB and PowerForce G4 ZIF 450/225/1MB (for beige and blue & white Power Mac G3s) have been replaced with a PowerForce G4 ZIF 500/200/1MB at the list price of $399.

PowerLogix also added a new low-end sku to their award-winning lineup of PowerForce G3 upgrades and dropped the prices on the higher-end skus (for Power Macs 7300-9600 and compatible clones).
PowerForce G3 350/117/512k $149
PowerForce G3 400/200/1MB was $249 now $229
PowerForce G3 500/250/1MB was $349 now $269

You can find more information on all these products at PowerLogixis Web site.