Useless Poll Story - Vote For The Mac In A TechTV Internet Poll [Updated]

[Editoris Note: Our original story had two mistakes: We said that The Screen Savers was owned by ZDNet, which is no longer true, and we incorrectly reported that the poll in question asked what OS readers used at work, when it actually asked which OS readers *wanted* to use at work. Thatis a not so-subtle difference, and we appreciate those Observers who let us know about the mistakes. Both issues are corrected in the article below.]

Internet polls are about as useful as a PC running some flavor of Windows, and that is to say not very useful at all. That wonit stop us, however, from mentioning one that is trolling for a little Mac vs. PC flame war. TechTVis The Screen Saversi Web site is asking readers to tell them what OS they want use at work. The three choices are Windows, Mac, and Linux, and as an example of just how unscientific these things can be, as of this writing Windows has 50%, the Mac has 24%, and Linux has 26%. Seriously. No doubt there is a link to the poll from Slashdot, but thatis OK because these things are meant for entertainment and page views (not necessarily in that order), not as an accurate barometer of this thing known as "reality." In any event, sheen your Mac over to The Screen Saversi Web page and vote for the Mac! The poll closes later this afternoon.

Thanks to Observer Tyler Lemke for tipping us off on the poll.