Usenet Download Utility Update From Eridanus

Eridanus has released an update for Baker, bringing it to version 1.5. Baker is a Usenet download utility designed to simplify downloading files from Usenet newsgroups. The update includes performance enhancements including System Throttle and bug fixes. According to Eridanus:

Eridanus, Inc. Releases Upgrade to Newsgroup Utility, Baker 1.5 for OS X.

Baker is an OS X program used to simplify the task of downloading files from Usenet newsgroups. Baker eliminates the hassle by automating much of the process.

Among the enhancements in this release of the OS X utility designed to ease common newsgroup related activities are:

  • Configurable Default Folders
  • System Throttle
  • List Processing Improvements

You can find more information about the Baker update at the Eridanus Web site. Baker 1.5 is available for US$35.00.