Usenet Image Utility Updated, Free Version Released

TechSono has updated their Usenet news reader utility, PixMachineMac, to version 1.0.9. PixMachineMac allows users to easily download and manage large binary files from Usenet newsgroups, while also managing the download and construction of multi-part files. TechSono has also released a free version of PixMachineMac that runs natively under Mac OS X. According to TechSono:

PixMachineMac 1.0.9 fixes a problem that causes it to crash when attempting to edit a non-existent news server. It also addresses various interface concerns.

PixMachineMac is an automatted news reader. PixMachineMac makes it easy to download large files and multipart files. What is even better is that all the parts of a large multi-part post do not need to be present on the server. PixMachineMac is able to assemble and decode these files even if the parts arrive days apart.

TechSono has also released PixNewsMacFREE, a totally free application that lets you quickly download images from Usenet newsgroups. PixNewsMacFREE sports a minimalist interface that makes it very easy to set up and use. PixNewsMacFREE is available for MaOS X and MacOS 8.6 and later.

With PixNewsMacFREE you can:

  • set the first newsgroup to scan by clicking on a radio button
  • start downloading from an arbitrary article number
  • stop downloading at any time
  • see how many files have been downloaded
  • see how many megabytes have been processed
  • see how many articles are in the current newsgroup

The program will automatically:

  • decode and save image files
  • cycle through all the newsgroups in your list until it either reaches the final entry or it encounters a blank line
  • remember the last article you downloaded between sessions
  • provide extensive error and event logging
  • alert you when a new version is available

PixMachineMac is available for US$40, while there is no charge for PixNewsMacFREE. You can find more information at the TechSono Web site.