Usenet News Reader Updated

Asar has updated their Usenet news reading application, Hogwasher, to version 2.6. Hogwasher provides an array of useful features, allowing users to have greater control, and more flexibility, over how they view Usenet news groups. According to Asar:

Asar today announced the immediate availability of Hogwasher 2.6, a Usenet newsreader for the Mac.

Hogwasher is the newsreader for users who are ready to "move up" from the simple "web browser accessory" type readers that come with their Mac but who do not have or want the technical sophistication and patience to configure and use the various "GuruReaders" which are available.

Hogwasher functions equally well as either an online or offline newsreader. It implements the functionality that has become standard in all newsreaders in an intuitive, easy to use fashion. In addition, it offers several unique features designed to make participation in the Usenet community more enjoyable and less time consuming...and in many cases less expensive.

Release 2.6 adds several features most requested by current users and expands compatibility with older "legacy" newsreaders and other platforms. In addition, it includes compatibility updates for System 9.1.

Hogwasher is available for US$49. You can find more information at the Asar Software Web site.