Usenet News Tool Gains New Feature

TechSono Engineering has updated their Usent News file tool, PixMachineMac, to version 1.0.6. PixMacineMac allows users to download and assemble files from Usenet News groups, and the new version allows users to save header information, keeping the user and group in tact. According to TechSono Engineering:

PixMachineMac 1.0.6 introduces Save-Headers option to PixMachineMac. Now,not only does PixMachineMac download, decode, and assemble files fromUsenet, but it can also tell you where the file was posted, who posted it,what server it came from, what PixNews document was used to downloaded it,and more. Header information is displayed along with the image in yourPixPlayer documents. The upgrade is free to all current owners.

PixMachineMac 1.0.6 downloads, decodes, and assembles files found in Usenetnewsgroups. PixMachineMac will also detect, download, and manually assembleMasterSplitter files created on Windows computers - something no other MacOSnewsreader can do. If itis on Usenet PixMachineMac can probably grab it.PixMachineMac combines a simple interface with a robust download engine thatautomates the whole process. All you have to do is click the Start button.Nothing is easier than PixMachineMac.

Usenet is second only to the World Wide Web in terms of raw data transfer.Literally Gigabytes of data travel through Usenet every single day.PixMachineMac provides a simple way to tap into this large and fast flowingriver of information. PixMachineMac is your personal Usenet agent,retrieving, decoding, and assembling files while you do other more importanttasks. Once you use PixMachineMac, you will realize just how great Usenetcan be when the process is automated.

PixMachineMac is available as shareware for US$49. You can find more information at the TechSono Engineering Web site.