Using Keywords in iPhoto Part II: Keyword Assistant

Sorting and organizing iPhoto images with keywords makes it easier to find exactly the pictures you are looking for. If you use lots of custom keywords, however, iPhoto can be cumbersome when it comes to assigning and managing those terms. Thatis where Ken Ferryis Keyword Assistant comes in.

If you arenit familiar iPhotois keywords, my last Quick Tip will help to get you up to speed.

The Keyword Assistant menu in iPhoto

Keyword Assistant uses iPhotois keyword database, but adds an easy to use interface that makes it a snap to create and assign keywords to your images. Instead of dragging and dropping images onto keywords, you start typing a term, and Keyword Assistant auto-completes it for you - assuming the term is already in your database. If not, it asks if you want to add it.

Keyword Assistantis helper dialog

You can assign multiple keywords by separating them with commas, and if you enter a name that is in Address Book, it will auto-complete it for you.

Just like the built-in keyword tool, you can add, remove, and rename terms in iPhotois preferences. Thatis handy, since it keeps you from having to maintain multiple keyword databases, and when Apple updated iPhoto, your custom keywords will still work.

iPhotois keyword preferences

Keyword Assistant is free, and you can download it at Ken Ferryis Web site.

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