Using OS 9 And Suffering From Dock Envy?

ResExcellence has updated their OS 9 launcher/program switcher application, A-Dock, to version 2.2. A-Dock provides an OS X like Dock for switching and launching applications, but provides the added feature of being more customizable, with users even being able to choose skins for the program. According to ResExcellence:

A-Dock 2.2 and a new "Skins" page is now complete and better then ever. To celebrate the release, Jrome Foucher and ResExcellence are teaming up to offer new users a chance at one of 10 free registrations. Please visit ResExcellence for further details on how to enter.

A-Dock by Jrome Foucher is like the Application Switcher that comes built-in with Mac OS but on steroids... What is different about it: A-Dock is minimized to one icon when you donit use it. So it saves space on your monitor. A-Dock sticks to the screen edges. Switching your monitor resolution will not move the dock to a place you donit want like the App Switcher does everytime I play Quake 2. A-Dock displays a menu when you control-click (or click&hold;with FinderPop) from where you can quit or hide an application. If Wapp pro 2.7 or newer is also installed, you have access to all the windows of each application.

A-Dock is available for US$7. You can find more information at the ResExcellence web site.