Utility Adds Office 2001 Support

Power On Software has updated ACTION Files to version 1.5.3. ACTION Files helps speed work by offering easy and consistent access to a useris favorite and most frequently accessed files and folders. Version 1.5.3 adds support for Adobe Photoshop 6 and Microsoft Office 2001. According to Power On Software:

Power On Software, Inc. today announced that it has released an update to ACTION Files, its two-time Eddy Award nominee. ACTION Files offers the ultimate in productivity and ease of use by automatically keeping track of a useris favorite and most recently accessed files and folders so those files are always just a click away. The new version, ACTION Files 1.5.3 adds support for a number of key applications including: Mac Office 2001, Photoshop 6, Adobe Illustrator 9, BBEdit, and CodeWarrior. It also enhances the ability to display icons and certain document types in the recent items list.

ACTION Files automatically files documents in user-definable default folders. It enhances productivity through the addition of a custom menu bar, chock full of file management features, in every standard Open and Save dialog. It adds instant file access to the Open command in applications and the Finder. Moreover, ACTION Files provides seamless integration with Apple Computeris Navigation Services.

ACTION Files is available in CD form for US$49.95, and as an electronic download for US$29.95. You can find more information at the Power On Software web site.