Utility Allows Users To Check Server Speed

Maxprog has updated their utility that allows users to check the speed of a server via a simple application. HTTP Benchmark 1.3.2 allows users to figure out which server is faster, making it easier to decide on a Web hosting site, or where to download a file from. According to Maxprog:

HTTP BenchMark is an easy-to-use tool for benchmarking web servers Bandwidth from client side. It can serves several purposes, for example, it allows to compare several web hosting providers in order to know wich one has the best Bandwidth. It comes with 10 web hostingproviders URL. (This software is intended to make benchmarking, not to measure individual Bandwidths!)

Whatis new ?

  • Calculate average rate processing individual rates.
  • Ignore small files (under 2 KB).
  • Only check files under requested Domain.
  • New interface with more data and errors display.
  • Now shows main index html file rate.
  • Detailed results pane.
  • Server response Log.

HTTP Benchmark is available for free. You can find more information at the Maxprog Web site.